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高性能蝶阀    High-performance bufferfly valve


DC5811   双偏心高性能蝶阀

DC5812   三偏心硬密封蝶阀




    The DC5811 series high-performance butterfly valve has a unique structural design of the valve plate and valve seat, which has excellent shut-off performance and durability, and is a widely used regulating valve.

    The DC5812 series triple eccentric butterfly valve has a two-way non-bubble tight closing performance. This geometry ensures that the valve plate seal is in contact with the valve body and valve seat only in the closed position, so there is no friction or wear, and a torque is generated so that the elastic seal has a sufficient contact area, similar to the cone surface of a globe Sealing to ensure uniform and consistent sealing contact.




产品说明   product description                                                                                                                                                     三偏心蝶阀工作原理 

工作原理  principle of operation                                   


DC5812 triple eccentric butterfly valve has two-way tight closing performance without air bubbles. This geometry ensures that the valve plate is in contact with the valve body and valve seat only in the closed position without friction or wear, and generates a torque that allows the elastic seal to have a sufficient contact area, similar to a tapered surface of a globe valve seal Sealing to ensure uniform and consistent sealing contact.


三偏心几何形状  the triple offset geometry

偏心1 阀轴位于阀座轴后面,使得密封能够完全紧密环绕接触整个阀座。

Offset1 The valve shaft is located behind the valve seat shaft, allowing the seal to fully and completely contact the entire valve seat.

偏心2 阀轴中心线偏离管道和阀门中心线,这就避免阀门开启和关闭的干扰。

Offset2 The centerline of the valve shaft is offset from the centerline of the pipeline and valve, which avoids the interference of valve opening and closing.

偏心3 阀座锥体轴偏离阀轴中心线,这样可以在开启和关闭过程中消除摩擦作用,并且实现环绕整个阀座的均匀一致的压缩密封效果。

Offset3 The valve seat cone axis is offset from the valve shaft centerline, which can eliminate friction during opening and closing, and achieve a uniform compression and sealing effect around the entire valve seat.



产品说明product description                                                                                                                        三偏心蝶阀结构说明 valve construction


Adopting triple eccentric structure, it is suitable for high temperature and high pressure and other complicated working conditions and requires strict close. The valve opens and closes without friction, the opening torque is small, the torque is sealed, and the greater the medium force, the better the sealing performance.





The valve seat and valve body adopt an integrated structure, and the sealing surface of the valve seat is welded with high-strength alloy material to ensure the reliability of the sealing surface, the product has a long service life, and basically has zero maintenance.







多种密封结构选择:有多层次符合结构、多层次全金属结构及整体金属结构密封圈。可根据不同的工况进行选择。多层次密封结构使密封圈整体具有一定的柔性,能使密封圈与阀座贴合更好,从而保证泄漏等级达到ANSI B16.104-2000 Ⅵ。

A variety of sealing structure options: there are multi-level conforming structures, multi-level all-metal structures and overall metal structure sealing rings. Can choose according to different working conditions. The multi-layered seal structure makes the seal ring as a whole have a certain flexibility, which can make the seal ring and the valve seat fit better, thereby ensuring that the leakage level reaches ANSI B16.104-2000 Ⅵ


The stepped structure design can effectively prevent the valve stem from flying out, which greatly guarantees the safety of the valve. The integral valve stem is made of high-strength stainless steel.












The transmission method of the valve stem and the valve plate adopts a cylindrical pin offset structure, which prevents the decrease in strength of the valve stem due to drilling, thereby indirectly increasing the shear strength of the cylindrical pin and improving the safety and reliability of the valve.






The valve stem protects the thrust ring structure, preventing the dead angle position between the valve stem and the valve body from being fouled or agglomerated by particulate or easily coking media, thereby holding the valve stem to death. In the reverse flow direction, it can effectively prevent the valve stem from causing radial displacement due to the force of the medium, resulting in an increase in reverse leakage.


The shaft seal structure uses high temperature resistant non-metallic materials to effectively prevent foreign particles contained in the medium from entering the bearing, thereby preventing the bearing from being stuck or locked due to agglomeration of foreign particles.








The packing system adopts a disc spring dynamic loading compensation structure, the valve body stuffing box adopts roll extrusion, and the valve stem adopts nanometer finishing, which can avoid absolutely no leakage at the packing place and meet the TA-LUFT standard requirements.






The part size is processed with high precision, and the seal ring can be adjusted and replaced freely on site.